Battleship Antarctica is a free top-down tactical combat game. Battleship Antarctica is distributed by Top Hat Software on behalf of Alien8, who developed the game for a university project. In Battleship Antarctica, you control a battleship fighting for scarce resources amidst Antarctica's melting ice caps.

The year is 2045. Earth has been overcome by an energy crisis. Power stations are rapidly running out of fuel, and everyone is looking out for new sources of energy. As the world heats up, Antarctica’s melting ice caps become a battleground. Governments and private companies alike fight for the oil reserves in huge battleships. Who will win? Only you can decide.

Battleship Antarctica can be played in single-player or multi-player mode. For multi-player, we recommend playing over a local area network (LAN). Although it is theoretically possible to play Battleship Antarctica over the Internet via port-forwarding, the game is not designed for this, and we cannot guarantee a smooth gameplay experience over the Internet.

Battleship Antarctica 1.0 Free Download
Please note that you must have Java installed to play Battleship Antarctica


Developers (Alien8):
James Atkin
Alexandru Brăcău
Adam Belcher
Alex Morrison
Felix Cheung
Lingyi Zhang

Sound effects: Little Robot Sound Factory
Music: Ozzed