Forum Wars is a roleplaying community and series of forum-based role-playing adventure games created by XanatosReaver. Forum Wars began life on 16 May 2012 on the fan site for Minecraft YouTuber Paulsoaresjr, It later moved to the WoodHaven forum after Punchwood closed down. Its current home is, a Kingdom Hearts fan site.

Forum Wars canon:

Forum Wars (May 2012 - December 2012)
Forum Wars: Civil War (January 2016 - present)

Non-canonical (cancelled) iterations of Forum Wars:

Forum Wars II: The Adventure Continues (January 2013 - Summer 2014)
Forum Wars: Redux (May 2015 - August 2015)

Forum Wars Modifiers

The Modifiers are the team of staff who plan and run the overall plot of Forum Wars and deal with any violation of the rules. They are so named as they were originally intended to be named moderators, which was shortened to "mods"; this was jocularly taken to mean modifiers and the name has stuck ever since. The current list of Modifiers is:


Former Modifiers:


The Modifiers can make use of various "mod tools" to correct rule-breaking in the role-play world. Roster of (past and present) mod tools:

David Barrowman Neeson, Dave and Jeremy - Indestructible Pink Scorpions
Enal 'Kvmud - Indestructible Pink Sangheili
Steve - Indestructible Pink Dalek
Champain - God of Champagne
??? - Protoss Zealot