Craftanium is a group of individuals which started life as a whitelisted Minecraft survival server in October 2012, led by Adam Belcher and MrNoteyboy52. Adam later took over as the sole owner of the server in February 2013. The server shut down in 2014 and Craftanium now takes the form of a private members' club, comprised of most of the former players from the server along with some of Adam's newer friends.

List of members:

Adam Belcher / ABanimationLtd
Guy Crossland / LittleLooter
Aidan Bridgeman / Hetch
Sarah Stinnett / Scoobydoo277
Nate Stinnett / Pegasus777222
Alex Helliker / Al215
Ryan Dawes / Cakebomb7
Jordan Jones / Fishkingz
Sean Gunther / Flinny1574
Alice Sutton / Alphaglitchgirl1
Sydney Saindon / Saindsyd
Callum Fortune / C4Tune
Nat Vincett / NatzoHD
Amy Walton / LiketotallyAmy
Andy Russell / AndySucksss

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