Greetings! I am an 18-year-old student from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I am currently studying software development and also occasionally write games in my free time.

As well as coding, I'm a life-long PC gamer and I attend the Insomnia Gaming Festival three times a year with my online gaming community. We play games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto V and Golf With Friends. Our group is one of the biggest attending Insomnia, taking up between 2 to 5 tables at the Insomnia World Famous Pub Quiz depending on the time of year, although only a few of us do BYOC.

I have a keen interest in politics and am a member of the Liberal Democrats. I stood as a local council candidate on behalf of the Lib Dems in the Crofton, Ryhill and Walton ward in May 2016. I also started my own micronation, the Empire of Adammia, in April 2013, which I am the Emperor of.

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