ABanimationLtd is a YouTube channel ran by myself, Adam Belcher. It is currently inactive, although there are plans to bring it back in the Summer of 2016. Before becoming inactive in 2014, the channel featured gameplay videos of games such as Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. For a short time, it hosted the Micronations Show, a factual / news series about micronations. It is the source of my username on many websites, such as Twitter and Wordpress. The channel is partnered with the Maker Gen branch of Maker Studios. A fifth of the channel's income is donated to Kurtjmac's Far Lands or Bust charity fundraiser for the Child's Play charity.

AB Animation Ltd. specifically refers to a company registered in the Empire of Adammia, much like Top Hat Software, which "owns" the YouTube channel ABanimationLtd. The channel itself is registered as Channel 2 in the Empire's list of licensed broadcast channels. Top Hat Software provides this page for AB Animation Ltd. as part of a partnership between the two micronational companies.